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How It Felt to Win the World Series from this Chicago Cubs Fan

Growing up in Northeast Tennessee there isn’t a major league baseball team within about four and a half hours from the place. Most people around here are Braves fans and I respect that, however I have always been a Chicago Cubs fan. People often ask why the Cubs? I respond that when I was younger I really enjoyed their emblem. Through something as little as an emblem I became a die-hard Cubs fan by the time I was about 8. It was hard to watch the great ones like Sammy Sosa and Kerry Wood come and go without any sort of Championship to show for it. It also hurt to see the past greats who played before I was even born who never got the glory either. I began to wonder if I would ever see a Chicago Cubs world champion team. And I can only imagine that if it was hard for me how hard it must have been for the fans who waited some hundred years to see a championship. But to win after so many years kind of made it that much more sweeter. I felt euphoric after we won especially after falling into the three one hole against the Indians, I figured this is just going to be another Chicago curse. Instead, it was something that the organization has experienced in over a century. The question now is whether or not the Cubbies will make us wait another 100 years for another title. Regardless, this Cubs fan is going to ride this wave of joy for quite awhile.


Elimination Chamber Fallout

On Sunday, Elimination Chamber shook up the road to WrestleMania as two titles changed hands. Rivalries began to take shape and we’re now getting a closer look at who is going to be facing who at WrestleMania. There’s still over a month until Mania, but here are the biggest storylines coming out of Elimination Chamber.

Will John Cena or AJ Styles find themselves back in the title hunt at Mania? Probably not. Cena lost the WWE Championship at the chamber to Bray Wyatt and that seems to be what everyone probably expected, but Randy Orton said on Smackdown Live last night that he refused to face Wyatt at Mania. Surely this will change by the time Mania comes around, but if it doesn’t someone is going to have to step up.

The women’s division is heating up as we inch closer to April. With Naomi pulling off an upset victory over Alexa Bliss, there’s now a lot of confusion as to who will face each other at Mania. Sure Naomi is currently champion, but WWE has done very little in letting her create herself on the mic before giving her the strap. I still ultimately feel like the match we will see is Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch. Mickie James is liable to get involved somehow, but I think at this point we just want to see Becky with the championship.

Can anyone beat American Alpha? I doubt it. With WrestleMania coming up nobody appears to be even threatening the current Smackdown Live tag team champion. There are no real developed heel teams on the roster, which makes it hard for the fans to believe anyone could ever be beat the current tag champions. Right now it looks like the WWE is moving in the direction of the Usos facing Alpha for the titles. The only way I see something changing here is if WWE finally decides to call up the Revival from NXT. If they do that then we could have a whale of a matchup going into Wrestlemania.

Five Things You Probably Never Knew About: “The Malace at the Palace”

On November 19, 2004, one of the worst nights in NBA history unfolded when Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers got into a scuffle with center Ben Wallace of the Detroit Pistons. After things started to escalate between the two of them, a fan by the name of John Green hit Ron Artest with a full cup of Diet Coke eventually triggering Artest to enter the stands to pummel fans. This caused multiple teammates and people to become involved in the situation until all hell broke loose and it became what is known today as “The Malace at the Palace.” Here are some things that flew under the radar while all the action was happening:

  1. Derrick Coleman of the Pistons said to Stephen Jackson of the Pacers after trashtalking the bench “I will kill you, Im gonna kill you.”  Coleman would eventually recieve a one game suspension for this threat, but this particular altercation was distracted by the initial throwing of the cup by John Green
  2. John Green and Ron Artest made up on a Detroit radio station. These two individuals would reluctantly apologize to each other on public radio. The two almost even participated in a charity event, but the event never came to fruition. Green now lives in Western Michigan and is still to this day banned from The Palace.
  3. One fan tried to sue Jermaine O’Neal. Charlie Haddad is the man in the video below that receives a heavy handed haymaker from the 6’9 power forward. He had attempted to take O’Neal to court for medical injuries and claiming that he gave him a concussion, but when Jermaine’s lawyers found out that he went to Vegas directly after the incident they used it against him and he eventually decided to drop the case.
  4. Pacers play-by-play radio host Mark Boyle broke five vertebrae after Artest trampeled over him. Poor Mark Boyle just happened to be in the way when Ron was hit with the soda and made him angrily climb over the announcers table to get to John Green.
  5. Ben Wallace’s brother, David, punched Pacers guard Fred Jones in the face. Ben claimed that him and his brother were completly innocent, but after video evidence was released David ended up serving one year of probation and community service.  If you have never seen footage of this event we were kind enough to provide you with a video of the altercation.

The Charles Oakley Situation

Regardless of who you think is the bad guy in this situation , the other night was no doubt a black eye for the NBA and the New York Knicks as a storied franchise. Not only did fans see one of the beloved legends of the past humiliated on national television, but they also have to live with the fact that there organization has  been a laughing stock of the entire league for virtually the past 16 years under the ownership of James Dolan. With the exception of Linsanity, the excitement has been far and muffled for Knicks fans. The other night was once again a shameful event when Charles Oakley was physically removed from the building and then arrested. This inspired the league’s biggest mouthpieces to take to Twitter and other outlets to show the support for the New York legend. Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers described the moment as hard to watch because of the fact that fans and former players have such a connection and a respect for Oakley. In hindsight Charles Oakely may regret becoming  physical with authorities, but those who remember him as a player knew that he brought that passion and strength on the court and he always backed up his teammates in a scuffle. If you make the Knicks fans choose who they would rather look down on, then its going to be the owner James Dolan because under his management the Knicks have been the most mediocre sports organization since the late 90’s. If you don’t agree with my take on things then we also provided the guy’s at Inside The NBA’s thoughts below as well.